Vision - Institute for Sociological, Political and Juridical Research


To survive and  to become a leading institution in the region known for world-class research and high quality postgraduate education.


1. Research: to create quality domestic and internationally recognized fundamental and applied research in all research areas represented in ISPJR, by strengthening institutional strengths.
2. Education: To raise the quality and diversity of postgraduates studies with the use of advanced research methodology, application of new achievements in every field of study and improvement of infrastructure facilities for study .
3. International cooperation and faculty/student mobility: To promote international cooperation and communication with organizations in the same or similar areas of research and education.
4. Promotion of the cooperation with the wider public: To enhance the reputation of institute’s employees, by promoting scientific achievements and presentation of results both domestically and regionally and internationally and to raise the level of contributions for the country’s economic, social , cultural and educational plan with the cooperation with public.
5. Organization, Management and Finance: To improve working conditions, quality of services and well being of Institute’s human resources.