Annual of ISPJR 2020, year XLIV, number 1/2

It is with great pleasure that I present to you the 44rd volume of the Annual of the Institute for the Sociological, Political, and Juridical Research in the 55th year of existence of the Institute. It has been a long and arduous journey both for the Institute and for the Annual in this half a century in which we have faced great many obstacles that we managed to successfully overcome. In the past few years the Institute has been able to employ a new cohort of young scientist who greatly strengthen our work in the many fields that the Institute is engaged with and in the near future we expect their work to be present in this very publication.

11 - Silvija Shaleva: Urban commons and collective approach to public spaces in contemporary cities
29 - Elena Koprtla: The urban identity in post-socialist cities through the lenses of the balkan cinema
39 - Nikola Gjorgjievski: The ambiguous surface: poetic, formal and programmatic reading of the territory
47 - Mirjana Lozanovska: Citizen participation in the decision-making process: abandoned industrial areas in the city of Skopje
61 - Srdjan Radović: Evolution of a Belgrade square from a transportation hub into a (quasi) historical theme park
71 - Bojana Naumovska: The german electoral model in response to the macedonian political content
85 - Nikola Gjorgon, Gordica Karanfilovska: Brexit and the european peace project paradigm
101 - Nazan Mustafa: The impact of conflicts on the performance of family business