Годишник (Annual of ISPJR)

As part of the publishing activity of the Institute for Sociological, Political and Juridical Research (ISPJR), the Annual of ISPJR has been published since 1975. It has a long tradition of publishing professional papers, scientific papers and book reviews in the field of social sciences and humanities, both by scientific researchers and authors from the country and from abroad.

Since 2013, the Annual of ISPJR has been published as an international scientific journal, that is, it has an International Editorial Board with expertise in the field of social sciences and humanities. All papers of the Annual of ISPJR are subsumed under double-blind peer-review by two experts.
The dynamics of publishing the Annual of ISPJR is twice a year and represents an opportunity for affirmation of professional and scientific research papers of researchers and authors from Macedonia, the region and beyond. The Annual of ISPJR also has occasional special issues, with a guest editor and a specific theme, resulting in a themed issue.

The Annual of ISPJR has passed the evaluation process positively and was indexed in the ICI Journals Master List database for 2022. Based on the verification of information on the functioning of the journal in 2022, the value of its parametric strength (ICV indicator) was calculated as ICV 2022 = 59.09.
The Annual of ISPJR is publishing online under Open Access and it is licensed in “Creative Commons.

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